Playas de Barra y Nerga

The beach nearest to the houses is Barra, an isolated 2km long beach within the nature reserve, with some pine trees for shade. It is mainly nudist at our end, but it is not busy and you can wear a swimming costume without any problem. It is a 20 minute walk from the house, 800m, through beautiful landscape. You can also drive and there is parking but it takes as long.

Nerga beach adjacent is not nudist but is more busy. You can drive to it but it is harder to park on weekends. There is a small outdoor bar shaded by pine trees with decent foodnat the east end of Barra beach above the rocks. It is wonderful in the afternoon and at sunset.  


Facing the Atlantic on the Cabo do Home peninsula Melide is a lovely beach lined with pine trees. It takes about 40 minutes walking, 10 minutes by car and it is easy to park. There is a bar with snacks.



Hiking trails on Cabo de Home y Punta Couso

The house is adjacent to hiking trails taking you around the Cabo do Home, a península surrounded by cliffs and with three light houses. The are wonderful views to the mountainous Islas de Cies, famous throughout Spain, to the arquelogical site of Monte Facho and to the Punta Couso further to the North. A longer walk will take you to the Ria de Aldan and to Area Brava beach.

Playas de Area Brava y Castiñeira

These two beaches are located 6 km from the house, North of Hio on the bay of Aldan. Area Brava is very long and usually quiet and deserted. The water in Castiñeira is significantly warmer than other beaches in the area, but it is narrow and gets shady around 3pm.


The village closest to the house, Donon, 500m away, has two restaurants, Cabo de Home and Costa da Vela which has some sea views. Donon is a wonderful place to see the sunset and look down at the cliffs. The picturesque fishing harbour of Aldan has several restaurants , including Con de Aldan which is very good, and a snack bar at the end of the harbour serving food all day, El Muelle. In Hio, restaurant Doade is well known for very good seafood but you would not know you are near the sea.

Restaurant Terraza in  Meduina has a large terrace overlooking the beach and the sea, a great place for drinks at sunset. Nearby El Capitan is also a popular place. In Bueu, restaurants Pescador, Estrella Bueu and A Centoleira facing the harbour, are very good.


The fish markets in the area are very authentic, selling fresh fish taken from the sea a few hours earlier. Cangas, 10 minutes by car, has a large fish market on Tuesdays and Fridays, and a smaller one on weekday mornings. At Mariscos Curras on the harbour, you can buy live seafood plucked out of large pools, morning and afternoon weekdays as well as Saturday morning. It is worth going to see even if you do not intend to buy any (but you will). There are large supermarkets such as Froiz (useful for parking) and Eroski.

From Cangas there are boats every half hour to Vigo, as well as boats to the Islas de Cies. About 15 minutes away from the house, Bueu has a fish market every morning and at 5pm Monday to Friday and on Saturday mornings. There are large supermarkets such as Gadis and Eroski, both useful for parking if you buy something.